MINI The Naturals

MINI The Naturals


The Naturals are a collection of shades taken right from nature. Creamy in texture with no glitter or shimmer added, these polishes are perfect to wear alone or paired with a glitter topper, and their natural nearly faded color makes them great for any skin tone.

Mediterranean Sky is a perfectly faded blue. Much like the sky above the Mediterranean Sea this polish is pale enough to not overpower but still bright enough not to get lost.

Caribbean Sunset was inspired by the gradual fade from day to night, the soft merging of pinks and purples in the sky. The true question of this polish is - is it pink or is it purple? Different lights and skin tones will give you the illusion of different shades.

San Pedro Morning is that first khaki colored peek at sunlight first thing in the morning. It's not the bright, shining yellow of a fully risen sun but is something much softer and fainter.

Sunset Boulevard was inspired by a picture I found of the sun setting over the actual Sunset Boulevard. The sky was washed a lovely peachy coral color that gleamed off the buildings and the road.

Buckingham Gardens is another of these wonderful faded shades. Like the first breath of Autumn this green is dulled but there's still lots of life left in this beauty.

*Swatches by Stef of Fairly Charming.

This listing is for 5 MINI bottles. Mini bottles hold approximately 5mL compared to the 15mL of our full size bottles.

All my polishes are 3-free and cruelty-free, with 2 stainless steel mixing balls. Polishes are handmade with love so there may be slight variations between batches. I do try to keep my pictures as true to color as possible, but please remember that every computer screen is different.