MINI The Darks

MINI The Darks


The Darks is a must have collection for any Spellbounder! Because what is Spellbound Nails without a little witchcraft - real or make believe?

Witching Hour is a deep prussian blue. The dark blackened blue of a midnight sky.

Bewitched is the dark burgundy of old blood staining a witch's altar of evil.

Hearthstone is the rich gray of a cobblestone hearth, cauldron hanging over the open flames as a potion brews.

Velvet is the deep dark purple of a witch's velvet cloak that billows around her, hood drawn up, as she works her magical enchantment.

Salamander is a dark artichoke green. Salamanders have long been linked to witchcraft in mythology. Used in potions, in spells, and even for clothing.

This listing is for 5 MINI bottles. Mini bottles hold approximately 5mL compared to the 15mL of our full size bottles.

All my polishes are 3-free and cruelty-free, with 2 stainless steel mixing balls. Polishes are handmade with love so there may be slight variations between batches. I do try to keep my pictures as true to color as possible, but please remember that every computer screen is different.