MINI Book 1 Collection - Harry Potter Inspired

MINI Book 1 Collection - Harry Potter Inspired

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I have no affiliation with Harry Potter or any other person/company that may own rights to this amazing series besides being a huge fan.

I am so beyond excited to share this collection with you. This is something I have spent my free time planning since I first started dreaming of creating my own polishes. This is the first collection, inspired by the very first Harry Potter book. There will be at least 6 more collections (one for each book) as well as a few extra add-ons. :) These collections are all very symbolic - 7 polishes, 7 books, 7 horcruxes. 7 is a very magical number. ;)

Hogwarts Express is a red jelly with gold and brown flakies.

Troll Bogeys is a milky grey packed with silver holo glitter.

Bluebell Flames is a blue shimmered blue that glows bright aqua in the dark.

Mirror of Erised is a bright mirror like silver holographic.

Unicorn Blood is a shimmery iridescent glitter filled glitter topper.

The Philosopher's Stone is a bright shimmering red polish with a sprinkling of gold holographic square glitter. Because what Philosopher's Stone is complete without a little gold??

Man with Two Faces literally has two faces. This thermal is a bright purple when cold to represent Quirell and his turban and a crimson red when hot for Voldemort and his red eyed stare hiding under said turban. This thermal is also filled with red and silver holographic glitters that sparkle and shine no matter the color change.

This listing is for 7 MINI bottles. Mini bottles hold approximately 5mL of product compared to the 15mL of our full size bottles.

All my polishes are 5-free with 2 stainless steel mixing balls. Polishes are handmade with love so there may be slight variations between batches. I do try to keep my pictures as true to color as possible, but please remember that every computer screen is different.