Down The Rabbit Hole Collection - Alice in Wonderland Inspired

Down The Rabbit Hole Collection - Alice in Wonderland Inspired


I have no affiliation with Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, Disney or any other person/company besides being a huge fan.

Travel 'Down The Rabbit Hole' with this Tim Burton - Alice in Wonderland inspired collection.

Impossible Things — Imagine six impossible things before breakfast with this Alice-blue frosty polish. Impossible Things can be worn alone, but works perfect as a base for the glitters of this collection.

Madness is Catching — Catch the madness of Tarrant Hightopp, The Mad Hatter with this chaotic nail polish that contains nine different glitters!

Grin & Bear It — The colors may not be what you expect when you think of the Cheshire Cat, but that doesn't mean this little beauty isn't just as awesome with its black, gunmetal, and teal hex glitters and its turquoise dots!

Off With Their Heads — Don't let this heart-filled polish fool you, it's inspired by Iracebeth of Crims, the Red Queen herself.

Frosty Elegance — Contained in this bottle is all the frosty elegance of Mirana of Marmoreal, the White Queen, with a sheer, frosty base and a lightly holographic gold glitter.

This listing is for 5 FULL SIZE bottles. Full size bottles hold approximately 15mL of product.

All my polishes are 3-free with 2 stainless steel mixing balls. Polishes are handmade with love so there may be slight variations between batches. I do try to keep my pictures as true to color as possible, but please remember that every computer screen is different.